Return And Refund Policy:

Our hassle-free return policy is part of our commitment to taking care of you every step of the way. More than anything, we want you to love our style as much as we love yours.
Below you will find everything you need to know about returning an online order. Take a moment to read through our policy, and then head to the instructions below.

Return reasons are as follows:

Acceptance Of Return:

Returning Gifts:

At the moment, we cannot offer a product return to the person who has received it as a gift. In order to return the product, please contact the person who purchased the product for you and ask them to follow the procedure for returning orders as stated in Returning Orders after Delivery.

Refund Options:

Buyers will be reimbursed in the same method of payment used to pay for the item.

For the refunds we have the following options:

  • Money-Back (Same method used to pay, whether Paypal or Debit/Credit Card payment)
  • Discount on the next purchase (up to 50%)
  • Gift Voucher (Could be used for next purchase)

Who Is Responsible for the Shipping Fees:

For return/exchange, the shipping fees are the mere responsibility of the consumer. If you really want to return then you must need to pay shipping rates and in that case, the return would be made after deducting the shipping fee exactly. If the company is severely at the fault, all the charges will be definitely born by the company without any cutting of charges, but if the issue lies with the customer not getting satisfied due to personal issues or it is the fault of the customer, then the refund will surely be made after reasonable deduction of the shipping fee.

Please note that if you have decided to cancel your order and your order has already been processed and dispatched to you, it will be necessary for you to return the goods so we can process your refund, the whole amount of the order will be refunded to you excluding the standard shipping charges.
If you want to cancel an item after purchasing so please let us know within 24 hours/before to dispatch.

For more information about how we process your data and orders, please view our privacy policy.

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